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4 months ago

We're ready for the plastic bags you've been saving! Thanks to some awesome donations, we are using more and more reusable bags. However, at 1000+ bags each week, we always seem to need more. You may ... See more

4 months ago

Today we bring you our produce department otherwise known as “Heads of Lettuce”.

Our produce department hands out a wide selection of fresh vegetables and fruit. We are so fortunate that in the ... See more

5 months ago

Today we would like you to meet, Cathy, Keely, Renee and Consuello. They are all volunteers in our Pet Food Department.

At the KCCFP we realize how important pets are to ones family and want to ... See more

5 months ago

We are so thankful today for Carlos and Omer. Every week they are outside - rain, shine, snow or in the cold. They assist our clients with loading their groceries and keep the line of cars ... See more

5 months ago
Photos from Kendall County Community Food Pantry's post

We love it when groups reach out to volunteer! Members of the Yorkville Middle School Basketball team and the Yorkville Reds baseball team recently helped sort donations and work in our warehouse! ... See more

5 months ago

We'll be there for you! The weather Thursday will be tough, but our volunteers are tougher. We'll do our best in the challenging conditions. Besides, compared to Wednesday, Thursday will feel like a ... See more

5 months ago
Partial Government Shutdown - Northern Illinois Food Bank

Are you affected by the government shutdown? We're here to help each Thursday. Receiving food, personal items, and clothing is easy -- a one-page registration and self-attesting to your need. Income ... See more

5 months ago

With extreme cold temperatures today and expected next week, there are several warming centers throughout Kendall County.

Don’t forget to check on your elderly friends and neighbors to ensure they ... See more

5 months ago

Today we introduce you to Cindy, Colette and Regina; otherwise known as the, “Dairy Queens”. Between the three of them they have been volunteering at the Pantry over 25 years.

The department ... See more

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