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Special Fundraiser Event!

Do NOT miss this event!
Think you’re tough?
Build a Team and Prove It!
All Proceeds Benefit the Food Pantry


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3 months ago
Can you help with School Supplies?

When you are out shopping for your kids' school supplies, will you pick up a few extra items your neighbors in need?... https://www.kccfoodpantry.org/can-help-school-supplies/

On August 7, 2018, we'll host our annual School Supply Distribution for needy children in Kendall County. Last year, through the generosity of individuals and organizations in our community, we were able to help supply more than 450 children with needed school supplies. Won’t you please help us pr...

3 months ago

What a WONDERFUL surprise today during our 11 AM kickoff meeting! Barbara Bertucci, Crystal Woods, and Teresa Wedeen from Yorkville Junior Women's Club dropped off a donation for $1,000. Our buying power will turn this into more than $8,000 in food and supplies for our neighbors in need. THANK YOU for your continued generosity!

4 months ago
Saturday, May 19, Last Day for WSPY Summer Lunch Box Food Drive Drop Offs, Live Broadcast

THANK YOU to WSPY for their hard work. Please take a few minutes to support this effort... http://www.wspynews.com/news/community_news/saturday-may-last-day-for-wspy-summer-lunch-box-food/article_bd3eb3d4-5889-11e8-87e9-f3e71f22763a.html

Tomorrow, May 19, is WSPY's Summer Lunch Box Live Broadcast from Classic Cinema 7, 101 Duvick, Sandwich, and last opportunity to drop off your nonparishable food. Your donations will benefit

4 months ago
The Facts Behind Senior Hunger | Aging In Place

One of our largest groups of clients is our seniors. We all need to get smarter about their unique situations. Here is a GREAT new piece... http://www.aginginplace.org/the-facts-behind-senior-hunger/

4 months ago
Get the Whole Family Involved in Charity in 2018

Thank you to Amanda Henderson, for her recently donated piece on charity! https://www.kccfoodpantry.org/get-whole-family-involved-charity-2018/

Volunteer work benefits the community in many ways. But it’s a little-known fact that volunteering pays back many benefits to the do-gooders as well. In a busy world where few people feel that they have enough time to complete their daily tasks, volunteer

4 months ago
Photos from Kendall County Community Food Pantry's post

THANK YOU to our friends at Au Sable Grove Presbyterian Church for the recent help at the pantry. This is how it's done!

4 months ago

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Birthday to one of our most committed volunteers! We took time during Thursday's kickoff meeting to celebrate Judy Wheeler, have a great birthday later this week!

5 months ago
Photos from Kendall County Community Food Pantry's post

What a generous program from Allied First Bank in Oswego! When customers use their new iShare Debit Card, the bank will make a donation to the pantry. This community has no limit to its imagination for sharing!

5 months ago

Please consider supporting one of our volunteers, Richard Lacoco and the LOCAL Special Olympics club, Kendall County Comets at their upcoming fundraiser at RKA Gun Gallery.

6 months ago
Jazz Trials

What a GREAT opportunity to support the pantry! Our own Rick and Sue Bill will be celebrity bartenders THIS THURSDAY! All tips will be donated to the pantry. Please come out, enjoy the entertainment, and be generous at the bar!